Welcome to Royalking Jewellery. This website is still under testing and not launch to the public as of now.

Please get in touch with your consultant if you have trouble viewing this website.


How to Sign Up as a new user

1) Press on the Sign Up



2) fill up all your information



3) Press on Create an Account






How to ask for a Quotation

1)Press on Log in & Use your User name and ID


2) Click on Jewellery or New Collection


3) Add Product to Cart if you like to ask for a quotation for this item.



4) Find the shopping cart on the top right of the page.



5) Click on View and Edit Cart



6) Click on Send a Quotation. You will get an E-mail and the Sales person will find you to confirm.



Check your E-mail for the Item that u requested for Quotation. Your cart will still have the Item that you ask the Quotation for.

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